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Meet the team

At MD Education, we have a great team with a wide range of experiences, skills, and personalities. Tap on the images and get to know us a little better.

Senior leadership

Ryan Fitzpatrick.
I started MD Education in 2015 to create educational products and programs with world renowned clinicians to move the needle for HCPs and patients. Building upon 20 years of experience in the medical education space, starting with Springer-Verlag, Medscape and Imedex, I wanted MD Education to provide a conduit for stakeholders in the healthcare space to deliver new and innovative independent conferences and educational products that lead to better outcomes and understating for clinicians and patients.
Beverley Heaton.
Christopher Bolwell.
VP, Educational Strategy
With over 40 years of experience in the life sciences market, my strong understanding, leadership, and Medical Education experience have brought a wealth of expertise in the strategic development of the Medical and allied services within MD Education. I was previously COO for Imedex and am a former Researcher and Medical Affairs employee at GSK. I am based in Atlanta GA, USA.
Simon Mayr.
Managing Director
As Managing Director at MD Education, I leverage my 20 years of healthcare industry experience to oversee company operations and spearhead growth. I lead the development of comprehensive business development strategies and initiatives and drive innovation in our educational offerings. My focus is on expanding market reach, fostering strategic partnerships, and enhancing our competitive edge to ensure sustainable growth and improved patient care outcomes.

Client Services

Rebecca Hill.
Project Manager
I am a dedicated Project Manager at MD Education, specializing in coordinating global medical conferences. I have a passion for organization and detail and I pride myself on ensuring seamless execution of educational events. My expertise lies in orchestrating logistics and fostering collaboration among diverse teams.
Cristina Anton.
Project Manager
I’m Romanian but have lived in the UK since 2015, serving as a Project Manager at MD Education's Wigan office since 2022. I have a diverse career background across various sectors, which has enriched my approach to project management. I’m dedicated and committed to excellence and I thrive on opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Aimée Williams.
Project Manager
Neve Rowlands.
Project Manager
I'm located in the North West of the UK and I am a Project Manager at MD Education. Previously, I oversaw trade show exhibitions across the UK and Europe. Currently, I manage the CLL & Lymphoma Conference and have contributed to six other conferences at MDE. My role entails logistical support, encompassing financial management and logistics.

Creative Hub

George Fitzpatrick.
Design Manager
A multifaceted designer with nearly six years experience spanning both digital and traditional mediums. As Design Manager I ensure MD Education crafts visually captivating customer touchpoints that leave a lasting impression and constantly strive to elevate the brand identity and experience.
Harrison Walton.
Full-stack Developer
Function, form and everything between. Originally starting my web-development journey on wordpress, I transitioned into hand programmed, tailored solutions to give freedom to the client. Responsible for programming MD Educations' online services and experiences. "If I don't know it today, I will tomorrow".

Grants Administration

Joshua Dinwoodie.
Grants Administrator