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Medical Education

About us

At MD Education we create and disseminate world-class medical education, by partnering with renowned physicians to create education that resonates. With offices in the US, UK and Austria we hold international medical conferences, offer exhibition solutions, and facilitate advisory boards to enable physicians to keep updated with the latest medical advancements and treatments, by physicians for physicians. Additionally we create printed and digital educational literature for improved physician-patient communication, with a suite of products that can be utilised together or separately to achieve your goals.

" Founded in 2015 by our CEO Ryan Fitzpatrick, elevating medical education to the next level has always been the primary focus "

The offering today reflects this growth alongside our values of transforming and redefining the medical education space, by having communication at the centre of everything we do.

Discover more about what we do on our pages below:

Medical Conferences.
Our medical conferences are always expanding, with focus meetings held in the US and Europe.
Advisory Board / Roundtable.
Optimise your time and let us do the organising.
Educational Products.
Products for improved and trusted physician communication.
Exhibition Solutions.
Engage your exhibition attendees with bespoke flip charts.