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Educational Products

Bridging Gaps

At MD Education we understand the issues that physicians face when communicating with their patients. Only having a brief amount of time to get across a complicated subject to a patient can be difficult, and doing it in a way that they can understand easily is even more challenging. That's why we have created a set of products to help the physician communicate better, more easily and by partnering with trusted sources.

Our suite of products are designed specifically to:
  • Help physicians educate their patients
  • Increase their understanding of the subject area
  • Communicate in a clear and simple way
  • Be trusted sources of information as all our products are written by top research physicians.
Educated patients have better outcomes:

So explore the offering today to see how you can utilise these life changing tools.

Education Atlas

Educational tool perfect for face to face consultations

  • Use images as a visual aid to support patient understanding.
  • Content created by top research physicians, with medical text to guide the consultation.
  • Available in all languages, Education Atlases can cover any disease area.

Digital Atlas

All the benefits of the Atlas in a digital form

  • Perfect for touch screens and interactive consultations.
  • Uses images to educate clearly alongside medical text.
  • Easy access at the touch of a button.

Video Platform

Curate a video series accessible by patients

  • Expand a topic through a video series.
  • Easily accessible through a link or QR code.
  • Top leading physicians talk directly to the patients.

QR Booklet

Information that can fit in a pocket

  • Mini booklet for patients to take home.
  • Clear images with QR codes linking to video content from top physicians.
  • Patients feel supported beyond their consultation.
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